Pull Tab Cards

I designed a mechanism that would allow me to make some pull tag cards.  I’ll be posting instructions with a “Basic Pull Tab” Mechanism file that you can alter to make any card of your own.

Today I made a Birthday Card for my niece who will be 4, 2 Halloween cards for my daughters and 2 I miss you cards.  They can be used for any occasion.  I’m going to design a second mechanism soon.  You will have to come back to see what it looks like :)

A special thanks goes to at http://kraftynook.blogspot.com/ for the Dog and Grouch Green Monster.  The cake design is from http://www.misskatecuttables.com/index.php.




OscarPullTab  SnoopyPullTab

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School Bus top to Slider Candy Box – SVG and Instruction Video

First I want to let you know my file naming convention so that when you use my svg files.  If the complete project is in a single file then the name may be something like Project.svg.  If there is more than one file for the project then I name them with the width size at the end of the file name.  Example Project11.svg – means 11 inch width.  If the file is Project11-234.svg it means the width should be 11.234 inches.  If you have any questions when using my files please contact me at robin@aboxiscoming.com.  I’m new at sharing my files so I haven’t made many movies or instruction sheets yet.  I’m sure they will get better as I develop more fun things to be made.

Instructions: Download the Slider Candy Box File and the School Bus File

1.  Cut the BottomBox9-025.svg file – that means the width should be 9.025 inches.
2.  Cut the BottomBoxEnd2-65.svg – that means the width should be 2.65 inches.3.  Cut the Drawr9-35.svg file – that means the width should be 9.35 inches.
4.  Cut the Trim10.svg file – that means the width should be 10 inches.
5.  LongBus11.svg – that means the width should be 11 inches.

6.  Put together the Bottom Box pieces – you will be closing one end of the box off – the other will remain open for the drawer.
7.  The fold the drawer together and glue the piece to make the drawer.
8.  Glue the trim piece that has the tab on it to the top of the drawer piece.
9.  Glue the second trim piece to the top of the drawer so that it gives the drawer strength.
10. Glue the pieces to the shadow pieces of the bus.
11.  Glue the tab piece to the drawer lining up the bus to the opening of the drawer.  You will have to cut off a piece of the rounded tab so it can’t be seen.
12.  Glue the bus to the top of the bus lining up the front of the bus to the tab bus (have the drawer inside the box.

YAY – all done.



Alternative to the Slider Box – Sparking Your Imagination

OK, so I was playing with my slider box and I just started thinking of all kinds of fun things that I could do with it.   The drawer is perfect for the pretzel size gift bag.  I made the bus for our bus driver since she takes such good of our kids.  Not sure yet who will get the cute blue monster.  Yes we know his name and we know he doesn’t like vegetables, LOL.

AlternativesI’m looking forward to coming up with many more uses for this fun little box.

Happy Crafting.

Zombie Head SVG Files


CLICK HERE to download the zip files
for the Wall Hanging and for the Zombie Card.

If a file name has a number (because there is more than one file to make a single project) the number is how large I made them so 10-3 really means 10.3 inches.

If you would like a pattern for the Slider / Candy Box let me know by
emailing me at Robin@aboxiscoming.com and I will post that too.

I created these fun things after purchasing the little Zombie toy on the top left corner.  My daughter hates Zombies so I couldn’t help myself but to pick him up.  Then I was wondering what fun things could I do to tie her Zombie Halloween Box together using him as an inspiration.  So, I made a wall hanging for her to put up in her college room, a huge Peek-A-Boo card (Pull the hair and you will see the inside of the card) and a Slicer / Candy Box with a drawer filled with M&Ms.  I can’t wait to hear how she likes them.


Inspiration – Zombie Style


I found this little Zombie at Michael’s.  He was sitting on a shelf alone.  I couldn’t help but bring him home for my daughter who hates zombies.  What else would a mother do?  So now I’m working on creating some fun things to go along with my little friend.  I made something for my girl to put on her wall and I designed a fun new treat box.  I’ll have to show that in a video because it is, of course, interactive.  I can’t wait to get the box out in the mail for my girl.  I just love when I get the text or call that says, “I got my box and I love it!”  What could make a mother happier.